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Why Use Cryoserver?

We’ve seen customers coming to Cryoserver for a number of different reasons. Some are looking to maximise their storage space, while others are struggling to comply with legislation like EU GDPR. Whatever your reason for looking at email archiving, Cryoserver will be able to assist.

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Save Space

Deal With Growing Email Volumes

The average user’s mailbox grows by 5.5MB a day; that’s 1.4GB per person, per year. With this figure continuing to grow, organisations are struggling to deal with huge amounts of email data clogging up their servers, and resorting to desperate measures like archiving to PST files or deleting email.

How Can We Help?

Cryoserver addresses huge email volumes by compressing, de-duplicating and encrypting every single email that anyone within the organisation has ever sent or received. Implementing Cryoserver will not only give you a searchable archive, but it also means you can stay safe in the knowledge that you are complying with the standards that are set within your industry.

Innovative Storage and Search

Unlike other systems, Cryoserver doesn’t use a database to store email, but stores files by date, making searches much quicker as more concise datasets are searched. It also allows the solution to scale far beyond the requirements of your organisation. An intuitive search interface also helps to make full company searches up to 80% quicker.

“We have over 13 million emails in the system, and searches still only take a few seconds”

– Alaric Turner, IT Manager Electrical Contractors Association


What’s Your Retention Span?

There’s no shortage of regulation when it comes to communications and storage of data. Whichever industry you are in, chances are that you will have to deal with overlapping legislation about what you can and can’t keep, how you should keep it, and how long you should keep it for.

How Can We Help?

Cryoserver keeps all email and attachments secure, protecting and controlling access to data. Most importantly, if policies like GDPR require you to delete the PII (personal identifiable information) you hold on an individual, Cryoserver will enable you to find and remove all the data from your email and attachments and to have the audited proof that you have met the requirement.

Privacy by Design

Our very first customers used Cryoserver for compliance reasons. This is down to appropriate security and access levels for personal data being built into the core of the solution. Email data in Cryoserver’s archive can never be altered, removing any risk of vital information being lost. The unalterable nature of Cryoserver also creates evidential quality data, admissible in court. Deletion is audited to ensure the proper channels are followed.

Cryoserver and EU GDPR

From May 2018, the EU General Data Protection Regulation will come into effect, changing the way that companies all over the world store and handle Personally Identifiable Information (PII).

At Cryoserver, we have made some tweaks to our solution to make sure that it complies fully with this legislation, which also ensures the compliance of our customers when it comes to their email data.


The Right to be Forgotten

GDPR states that if a subject wishes to be ‘forgotten’ by an organisation, it is their right that the organisation delete all data held on them. Cryoserver’s super fast search and Audited Delete functionalities ensure that data can be found quickly, and a record of its deletion is kept to prove to the subject that their request was carried out.



Data subjects have always been able to request a copy of all the data held on them by an organisation via a Subject Access Request, or Freedom of Inofrmation request in the public sector. GDPR has made it easier for subjects to do this, and Cryoserver has been helping both public and private companies fulfil these requests for over 15 years.

“We can feel 100% confident that what Cryoserver tells us is exactly what was said”

– Gary Hancock, IT Manager
North Warwickshire Council

Enhance Office 365

Migration and More

Moving to the cloud is becoming a priority for many. We’ve seen people use Cryoserver to simplify their migrations to Office 365 from their existing on premise mail server. More commonly, Cryoserver email archiving is taken up by Office 365 users to supplement the service and really create a more powerful email solution for their business.

How Can We Help?

From day one on Office 365 your users will still need access to their old email. Making this available means either importing Terabytes of data to the cloud, or running two email systems in parallel.

Cryoserver gives you a better way to preserve all your emails centrally and make them available to all users, still within Outlook. Cryoserver provides a simple and effective way to manage your move to the cloud, without disrupting email access for your users.

Find Any Email In Seconds

Office 365 offers huge benefits in terms of storage and cloud hosting, but the Office 365 search interface leaves much to be desired – we all know what it’s like searching through Outlook. Cryoserver’s award-winning, super-fast search is the perfect partner to make an Office 365 archive into a powerful productivity tool.

“Migrating to Office 365 is easy with Cryoserver – it requires no agent, meets PCI and legal requirements, saves time and stress”

– Infrastructure Manager
Borough Council

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