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Cryoserver for Managed Service Providers

Workplaces are relying more than ever on email for their internal and external communication, meaning there is a growing need for service providers to enable business continuity through email backup.

Increased mobility in the workplace means that many organisations now host their email in the cloud, which presents an opportunity for web hosts to generate revenue on email usage.

Key Features

SaaS  Priceplan flexibility

Value-Added Service  Big brand features, competitive cost

Whitelabel  Goodwill and trust in well-known name

Carrier grade and reliable  Capable of high volume processing

Improve customer retention   Reliable, popular service

Increase Average Revenue Per User With No Additional Overhead

Service providers require very little additional resources to manage Cryoserver Service Provider Edition (SPE). It is low maintenance and requires little infrastructure resources meaning the additional revenue earned is at very healthy margin.

Increase Customer Retention

The Cryoserver SPE solution is compatible with most third-party email services, and can be offered as part of an account sign-up, or as an add-on/upsell feature.

Once an email archive is in place, your customer is far less likely to move to a new host. Our experience shows that customers often opt for longer contracts, ranging from 3 to 10+ years.



The unique way that Cryoserver SPE stores emails means that there are no duplicates to search, so retrieval stays lightning fast as the product grows.



Cryoserver SPE was designed to be compatible with any infrastructure, meaning it can be tailored to any customer’s needs, and you never need to turn away business.


In 10 years of existence, the Cryoserver SPE technology has never encountered a volume of email that it cannot cope with. It can compress, encrypt and safely store any amount of email data.



Cryoserver SPE has won awards for its search speeds, making retrieving emails from the archive just as easy as putting them in.

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