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Forensic & Compliance Systems (FCS)

FCS have been developing the Cryoserver software at a fast pace since it acquired the rights to the Cryoserver technology in October 2006, with the latest iteration, Version 9, released in September 2017.

The Cryoserver products are distributed in more than 25+ countries with a client base including blue chips, local governments, charities, financial services and law firms.

Cryoserver email archiving technologies are one of the pioneers of email archiving, with many years’ worth of development to bring simplicity to an expert email archiving solution.

Cryoserver was originally developed as a bespoke solution enabling legal and financial organisations to comply with stringent regulations introduced after the Data Protection Act 1997. Enterprises, businesses and government organisations of all sizes and sectors now rely on Cryoserver for retention and access to critical business information.

Cryoserver is based in London, England and the team are passionate about delivering a best of breed email archiving solution to their customers.

“If someone has access to the email they’re looking for, they’ve always been able to find it within Cryoserver!”

Infrastructure Manager, Validus